Call for New Board Members

Posted on April 20, 2017


WGNRR is currently seeking a number of new board members to strengthen our governance and support for the Executive Director and staff team. The combined areas of expertise on the board should provide for legal, financial, personnel and activist knowledge. Preferred key qualifications present among Board members are:

  1. Commitment to feminist principles
  2. Proven feminist movement building experience
  3. Comprehensive understanding of sexual and reproductive health and rights and reproductive justice.
  4. Experience in fundraising, financial management, human resources, campaigning, advocacy and other areas related to WGNRR’s operations and programs
  5. A track record of networking at local, regional or international levels
  6. Experience with ensuring and practicing good governance at the organizational level
  7. Flexibility and willingness to attend skype meetings during out of office hours, experience of remote management would be helpful
  8. Applicants are welcome from WGNRR members, supporters and allies who are committed to the organisation’s goals and objectives.

Specific functions and duties of the Board members:

  • To promote WGNRR, its mission and goals in public spaces, with donors, partners and allies
  • To participate in and support where possible, WGNRR programs and activities
  • Regular attendance at monthly Skype meetings, which usually last between 1-2 hours and at an annual face to face meeting.
  • Lead in developing WGNRR’s long-term and short term strategies and directions considering current contexts and developments.
  • Review and approve strategic plans, annual work plans, and institutional reports
  • Review and approve operating structure, policies and procedures including those related to personnel.
  • Hire, evaluate and terminate the Executive Director, based on set criteria and procedure, taking account staff’s feedback
  • Lead in developing and support the staff in implementing WGNRR’s resource mobilization strategy
  • Set general financial policies and review and approve financial protocols and procedures
  • Monitor financial health of WGNRR through quarterly financial reports; and review and approve annual or midterm budgets and financial reports
  • Lead in evaluating the effectiveness and impact of WGNRR and the Executive Director

This position is unpaid and board members should be willing to contribute a minimum of 15 hours per month not including the annual face to face meeting.

Potential applicants should provide a 2 page CV and a one page outline of why they possess the required qualifications, why they want to join the WGNRR, and detailing the skills and experiences they could bring to the organization by the 14th May 2017

A board selection committee will review the applications and produce a shortlist of applicants who will be interviewed by Skype. Successful Candidates will be invited to the next face to face meeting planned for summer 2017.

For more information and to submit applications please contact . Please add BOARD RECRUITMENT as the subject header


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