Equidad de Género: Ciudadanía, Trabajo y Familia A.C

Posted on March 20, 2014

Equidad de Género: Ciudadanía, Trabajo y Familia A.CPicture1_1 is a feminist organization founded in June 1996 by feminists from political, academic and social sectors in Mexico. Its mission is to promote gender equality as well as the Rule of Law by advocating for public policies with a gender perspective, and strengthening women’s leadership and civil participation in all areas of political and social life. Its vision is of a democratic society with broad citizen participation where women and men can make decisions about their lives within an environment dictated by the Rule of Law and where institutions have mainstreamed a gender perspective in their internal and external policies.

Current campaigns and/or projects
We are currently working to disseminate information on legal indications for abortion in 12 states in Mexico so that women know their rights and can exercise them. We also monitor the actions of anti-choice groups that try to prevent women from obtaining a legal abortion in clinics in Mexico City. Finally, we monitor sexual and reproductive health services in order to improve access and availability of contraception for adolescents and adult women. More information on the latter project can be obtained at: www.ddeser.org.mx.

colash_equidadHow is the landscape for SRHR in your country different now from the time you started your organization?
We believe that there is greater interest and reception for our activities: forums, workshops, conferences, etc. however, we are constantly vigilant to setbacks in sexual and reproductive rights in Mexico.

What do you think are the biggest challenges for NGOs/CSOs working on SRHR advocacy in your country?
A constant challenge is for institutions and public officials to ensure access to sexual and reproductive rights for women, young people and adolescents. The projects that we mentioned above help us in this advocacy.


From your experience, which advocacy and campaign strategies proved very effective in campaigning for SRHR?
Recently we finished a project called “United for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health” in four states (Chiapas, Guerrero, Hidalgo and Oaxaca) which built synergies for achieving positive changes in the daily lives of indigenous and rural young people as well as recognition for the work carried out in diverse communities in these states, including workshops and materials developed in indigenous languages for outreach on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Check out their website here to know more.