Hidden Pockets – WGNRR partner from India!

Posted on November 3, 2015

Hidden Pockets is a resource centre and collective of young feminist activists, artists, performers, techies, lawyers, and scholars, created in 2014. They locate sexuality within institutions such as law, medicine, and psychology, and in discourses, for instance about prison systems, disability, and economics, with the aim to make these discussions on sexuality more accessible for everyone. Their goal is to create safer online and offline spaces for young people (including from marginalised communities) in New Delhi to talk about sexuality without fear of prejudice, guilt, and control. Seeking to curate positive experiences of young people in New Delhi around sexuality, Hidden Pockets lists non-discriminatory SRHR services on Google Maps as well as events and discussions within the city in order to make them participatory for everyone, including people on the margins.Hidden Pockets connects and works with local SRH service providers, who are sex-positive, rights-based, and youth-friendly, and community artists and activists to show a holistic approach to sexuality. They give people information about access to these kinds of sex-positive, rights-based SRHR services in Delhi.

They also organise and document photo walks in spaces in Delhi, to develop positive narratives, conduct photography workshops with young girls living with HIV, and sex-positive workshops in cafés in Delhi. Mixing activism with art, they recently invited people to a slam poetry evening on issues surrounding abortion and reproductive rights. These and others poems and talks can also be found on their Internet platformwww.hidden-pockets.com as part of their digital podcast series.

You can visit and contact this wonderful youth-led initiative via their webpage, Facebook page or via email: hiddenpocketsinfo@gmail.com.