WGNRR SRHR Network and Database Policy and Guidelines

Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights’ Database contains profiles of our partners and allies. They are individuals, organisations and networks working wholly or partially – or with a demonstrable interest – in the field of SRHR for women and girls within the context of human rights, social justice, and other development paradigms. Our partners and allies must support women and girls universal access to non-discriminatory SRHR services including the right to safe abortion. Access to the database is password protected to ensure the security and safety of our partners and allies.

WGNRR welcomes new partners and allies, from all over the world, who share the vision of a world where all people can fulfill their sexual and reproductive health and rights, to become part of the WGNRR network and database. WGNRR understands SRHR to include a set of interrelated universal, indivisible and inalienable human rights accompanied by the necessary socio-economic conditions for them to be realized.

Who can be part of WGNRR’s SRHR Network and Database

  • International organisations and regional networks who engage in the international level SRHR advocacy, campaigning and/or service delivery.
  • National organisations and networks actively involved in the country level SRHR advocacy, campaigning and service delivery
  • Youth led organisations and networks
  • Grassroots level organisations working on local advocacy and service provision
  • Individuals with a demonstrable interest in SRHR through research, studies, publications and / or personal activism.

Constituents of the WGNRR’s SRHR Network and Database have the following benefits:

  • Receiving a wide range of resource including WGNRR e-newsletters, Call for Action, WGNRR media dispatches, as well as other publications;
  • Networking opportunities including participation in regional meetings, capacity building workshops, advocacy events and representation at different forums;
  • Joint fundraising and partnership opportunities.
  • Peer learning opportunities
  • Sharing and adaptation of global tools, resources and publications

We encourage our partners and allies to:

  • Actively input, initiate discussions and joint activities with other organisations that form part of WGNRR network
  • Participate in WGNRR coordinated Campaigns and Days of Action
  • Reach out to other partners and allies of the SRHR Network and Database for experience and information exchange
  • Provide support and solidarity to other partners and allies in the network in their advocacy

Application process

There are two ways to be included in the WGNRR’s SRHR Network and Database. One way is via a direct personal invitation extended by WGNRR Program staff. Alternatively interested applicants may submit a request to join the network and inclusion in the database through an on-line application form. The request will be reviewed by WGNRR staff and the applicant will be contacted if any additional information is required.

Identity Validation

In order to be accepted in the WGNRR’s SRHR Network and Database an applicant is required to have a reference from a reputable organisation in the SRHR field that can describe your work and confirm your track record in SRHR work including your support for access by women and girls to safe abortion services.

All entries in the database are validated in order to ensure a safe space for SRHR activists to share their contact details, areas of expertise and experiences. If security is a concern, it is possible to join the database by having a limited profile with only name and email address details.

Period of Validity
Participation in the WGNRR’s SRHR Network and Database is not limited in time. We encourage long term involvement and active participation in the network’s activities.  Should you choose to withdraw your organization’s details from the WGNRR’s SRHR Network and Database, we request you to notify the Coordination Office about your decision by sending an email to communications@wgnrr.org.  Upon receiving your notifications, your record will be removed from the Database.

The decision whether to accept an individual or organisation as new associates of the WGNRR’s SRHR Network and Database rests with WGNRR staff and board. In cases of a negative decision on the application, applicants are granted the right to appeal to executivedirector@wgnrr.org for the review of the decision.

WGNRR reserves the right to remove an individual or an organization from the SRHR Network and Database, might it become known that the person or an organization in question espouses beliefs and/or conducts her/himself in a manner that is contrary to the principles of reproductive justice and/or in cases of fraud, negligence or abuse.

Participation in the WGNRR’s SRHR Network and Database is free. Instead of financial contribution we encourage active contribution to the collective knowledge building, information sharing and joint advocacy actions. However, if you and/or organisation have the means and desire to make a financial contribution to support the work of WGNRR, we will sincerely appreciate your donation.

WGNRR’s SRHR Network and Database application form is available at www.wgnrr.org/register.

Thank you for your time to answer the questions! We are looking forward to our cooperation!