Nondo Ebuela Ejano

Posted on July 9, 2014

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nondo currently lives in Tanzania. He holds a BA in Environment & Development. He began working in the rural development movement just after his secondary education, where he was Co-Founder and Executive Manager of Kikonde Rural Farmers and Breeders’ Cooperative. He worked with a local NGO named “Societe de Cooperation pour le Developpement de Fizi (SOCOODEFI)” which was a leading Network of over 250 members in the Fizi territory.

Nondo joined the feminist movement in 1997 when he worked as a Communications Facilitator between the Congolese Refugee Community and many UN Aid agencies in Nayrugusu Refugee camp in Tanzania. Since 2002 to date, he has been working with the Women Promotion Centre (WPC) as a Programme Director for Gender and Human Rights Education. WPC has been an organisational member of WGNRR since 2005, sending Nondo to the Africa RCM & the AWID Conference in 2008. In 2009, Nondo attended the WGNRR Abortion Advocacy Institute in Cape Town. Since 2010 Nondo has been working as the WGNRR Program Officer for Africa, fostering and empowering members and allies to build a strong SRHR movement from the grassroots.

As Program Officer he manages the network in the region; ensures the direct link between members’ realities and WGNRR’s international advocacy efforts; supports local members’ campaigns/advocacy activities; provides policy input in the WGNRR priority areas and build/strengthen members’ capacity in policy analysis and rights based advocacy.

Nondo speaks English, French, Swahili and several other regional dialects.