WGNRR Policy Positions

WGNRR creates its own policy briefings on key SRHR issues such as abortion, youth, sexual rights and FGM. The policy is developed with the inputs from our members and strategic partners and Board members. WGNRR also support members to conduct their own analyses and utilise findings to advocate for improvements in policy development and implementation. Download WGNRR policy positions by clicking on the links below.

Abortion Policy

Informed access to safe, legal, and affordable abortion, body sovereignty and self-  determination are human rights.
English.pdf | French.pdf | Spanish.pdf

Youth Policy

WGNRR reaffirms the stance of young activists and youth movements to fully  exercise and enjoy the full spectrum of their sexual and reproductive rights, should  they choose to exercise them.
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FGM Policy

WGNRR is committed to the realisation of sexual and reproductive rights for all  through transformative social change as reflected in our mission and vision. We see  Female Genital Mutilation as an obstacle to the realisation of sexual and reproductive  rights & health for all women.