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The blog series showcases the stories of youth SRHR advocates and their journeys into SRHR activism. We hope that through sharing these kinds of stories, we will not only learn more about the “moment” that makes an activist identify as such, but we will also be creating a space for young activists to relate, learn about each other’s personal journeys, connect, and bond over challenges and successes. We are also looking forward to learning more about how young activists engage not only within SRHR spaces but how this type of activism relates and coexists with other struggles for social justice and human rights.

Why “Looking back, looking forward?”

The idea behind the title is that we learn about both the diverse stories that led young activists to the present point, as well as their aspirations as SRHR activists, and what they envision the activism world will look like in the future.


Blog Series #1: Génesis Luigi

Blog Series #2: Marinella Matejčić

Blog Series #3: Catherine Nyambura

Blog Series #4: Smriti Thapa

Blog Series #5: Joshi Leban

Blog Series #6: Franco Arjona

Blog Series #7: Sarryna Gesite