THANKS FOR JOINING! International Safe Abortion Day Global Day of Action 2018 #LetsTalkAbortion

Posted on November 7, 2018


International Safe Abortion Day

Global Day of Action 2018


In 2018 the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights, the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion, Campaña Nacional por el Derecho al Aborto Legal y Gratuito, ASAP and ARROW, joined forces and created the “28 September Working Group” to coordinate campaign activities and launch a cohesive name and hashtag.

The activities that took place in 2018 stimulated and generated support for ongoing campaigns in countries where women are still endangered by unsafe abortion, threatened with criminal punishment, and subject to stigma in the absence of progressive laws and services that recognise safe abortion as a public health necessity and a fundamental human right.

Drawing on the previous years’ successes, this year we witnessed once more a wide and growing range of mobilisations, including “green wave” rallies all over the world, marches, conferences, cultural performances, focus groups, dialogues and a huge social media mobilisation throughout the month of September, peaking towards September 28.

The social media outreach counted in millions of on-line users participating in on-line discussions with the hashtags #LetsTalkAbortion, #Sept28, and #28S. We can successfully report that the number of activities in the participating countries and among the international NGOs involved in the Campaign has grown, and their impact is greater.

In collaboration, we created more than 20 posters, illustrations and visual materials together with feminist artists @liberaljane and @roferrer. We also translated all of the materials into French, Spanish and Portuguese.

The day has become a widely and internationally recognised day and it’s impact in social media has been the greatest yet. We have seen more reports of these activities, and more reports of publicly important speeches being made, reported in national newspaper articles and in the visual media too. The September 28 website as it has in the past years, served as a central platform for sharing resources, collecting information on international actions and joint on-line mobilisations. We also conducted 2 very successful webinars under the theme: “Normalise abortion:It’s part of our lives” where we had the participation of more than 50 abortion rights activists from all over the world. The first webinar was in collaboration with RHRN and with a special focus on the Africa region, and the second webinar was held in collaboration with inroads, and was a great conversation with activists from all over the world regarding their activities on normalising abortion.

Members have reported actions in more than 85 different countries, and we are still receiving activity reports and photos.

Overall the September 28 Campaign was a great success in raising awareness, continuing the conversation and normalising abortion around the world. Testament of this were the numerous marches and rallies held around the world with activists wearing green scarfs. Hopefully the momentum will continue and next year’s campaign will be even stronger. We want to give a special thanks to the great partners and members that collaborated with us during this campaign process.

With stringent and devastating rollbacks affecting the SRHR movement globally,  the need for collective action and resistance is at an all-time high. At present, WGNRR does not receive financial support or funding for our global reproductive justice campaigning. In order to continue our global campaigning, we need your support! Please donate, and help us fundraise for future global initiatives, and to sustain our work!
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