Udruga Pariter – WGNRRs partner from Croatia!

Posted on June 29, 2017

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The Association for Human Rights and Active Citizenship PaRiter was founded in 2014 in Rijeka, Croatia and since then has been formalized as a feminist organisation that works on human rights with a focus on women’s rights and citizen participation. PaRiter has implemented various programs in high schools, organising libraries and pushing for SRHR activism and advocacy. With the aims of promoting non-violence, tolerance, human and civil rights and freedoms as necesarry preconditions for the democratisation of society, whilst recognising the specific needs of women, PaRiter works with strengthening women and women’s empowerment. Originally formed to help raise society’s awarness of human rights issues, including civic roles and obligations, the organisation continues to push for an increase in dialogues about human rights. They also aim at creating equal conditions for their participation on all levels of public, political and economic life. For this, the organisation has also created a small feminist library aimed at effectively sharing knowledge and expertise from prominent feminist writers. The Association is also working across different communications platforms for media production, including via their own radio show which features issues related to gender equality and feminism, and which goes live on a local Croatian radio station. The radio show can be reached on demand on the Assocation’s MixCloud channel. Their activities also include educating children and youth on critical thinking workshops and seminars.

You can learn more about Udruga Pariter’s work by visiting their website: http://www.pariter.hr/?page_id=3127 

You can contact them at:  udrugapariter@gmail.com

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