WGNRR – Asia and the Pacific

The Asia Pacific region has strong movements for social change with focus issues varying from national and sub-regional contexts. WGNRR have strong linkages with women and SRHR movements in the region while also building connections amongst human rights, indigenous, sex workers, dalits focused movements. WGNRR also support our members in the region to establish national networks for SRHR, safe abortion and youth SRHR.

Our activities in the region include strengthening advocacy skills and building the capacities of our members for advancing SRHR including access to safe and legal abortion, removal of social barriers to safe abortion, among others. We encourage our members to translate, adapt and promote the global our campaigns into their own local contexts. We also have strong alliance with SRHR networks in the region such as ARROW, ASAP and PHM.

For more information on our work in this region, contact Marevic Parcon on marevic@wgnrr.org