Decision Makers in the Dominican Republic Urged to Remove the Absolute Ban on Abortion

Posted on December 10, 2014

On November 27 in response to the recent decision of the Dominican Republic´s Chamber of Deputies to adopt a bill that upholds the country’s absolute ban on abortion, and maintains the criminalization of abortion in all cases, WGNRR sent a letter to the President of the Dominican Republic calling on him to veto the bill. WGNRR emphasized that total ban on abortion is a type of institutionalised violence against women putting women and girls at grave risk.

On November 28 President of the Dominican Republic released his observations asking the Congress to decriminalise abortion on the grounds of rape, incest, when the woman’s life and health is at risk and in case of malformation of the fetus.

WGNRR welcomed the observations of the President and sent a statement to the Congress asking them to accept the President’s recommendations.