Capacity Building

WGNRR members, most specifically its grassroots members, often lack resources and capacity to fulfill their missions. WGNRR seeks to build capacity of its members by organising training and workshops and facilitating members’ participation in major conferences. We prioritise young women in all our activities and provide specific activities aimed at skills building of young SRHR activists.

Capacity building is a (continuous) demand-oriented process through which WGNRR members enhance their ability to meet the challenge of increasing the access to SRHR services in their country. The WGNRR coordination office facilitates this learning and knowledge exchange between members. This is accomplished by providing resources, training, coaching and networking on SRHR issues. We cascade knowledge to local trainers in order to ensure knowledge is shared as widely as possible.

Safe Abortion Advocacy Project (SAAP)

Together with members and allies, we defend existing legislation and its implementation, opposes restrictive laws and policies, challenges social stigma and discrimination, and advocates for the decriminalisation of abortion worldwide. We develop the enhance the capacity of grassroots organisations for safe abortion advocacy and help them establish national network for policy change and address abortion stigma. Safe Abortion Advocacy Project was successfully implemented in  Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria , Tanzania and Malaysia. And is now being replicated in Uganda and Kenya.