What We Want

Sexual and reproductive rights are respected as universal and indivisible human rights;

We all have the social, political and economic power and resources to make autonomous decisions about our gender, sexuality and when, whether and how many children we have;

Everyone is able to enjoy a safe and pleasurable sex life with their partner of choice free from violence and coercion;

The rights to safe, legal abortion services and post-abortion care are provided with full, sustained government support so that services are accessible, affordable and available in all our communities, regardless of age or marital status;

There is an end to the stigmatisation and criminalisation of those of us who choose to access safe abortion services, who offer safe abortion services, and who defend rights to safe, legal abortion;

There is an end to coerced sterilisation, forced abortion and abstinence-only programming;

We all have access to universal sexual and reproductive health care services and generic medical supplies;

Formal and informal education programmes in all of our communities which offers comprehensive sexuality education, not subjected to obstruction or stigmatisation by other institutions or influential persons.