International Women and Health Meeting


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20-23 October 2015

Dominican Republic


The negative impacts of neoliberal capitalism jeopardize the people’s integrity and lives, inasmuch as undertake structural areas for development and life such as global warming, water pollution, desertification and rising poverty, even in developed countries, together with the distribution increasingly more inequitable income, both between countries and within them.

In the last two decades the debate on the international agenda to achieve physical, economic, social and political autonomy of women has focused on the demand for recognition and exercise of sexual and reproductive rights.

The EIMS were characterized by a wide presence of the women’s movement and the feminist movement. The last meeting was held in Belgium it gathered 380 participants from 54 different countries, it claimed feminist intervention as an essential and indispensable tool to fight for the rights and health of women.  The EIMS is based on three fundamental principles:

1) Health as a fundamental right for people.

2) Equality as a prerequisite for the full exercise of the right to health.

3) Distributive justice for women in the North and South.


The topics of the XII-EIMS are

Topic 1. Impacts of neoliberal globalization policies on the health of women

Topic 2. Fundamentalisms and health rights of women

Topic 3. Autonomy of women and their overall health

Topic 4. The movement women and health


The objectives of the XII-EIMS are

  1. Deepening the analysis of the factors affecting the health of women worldwide through an inter-relational, intercultural and inter interdisciplinary approach to generate an agenda of proposals and advocacy strategies at all levels.
  2. Strengthen the health movement of feminist women, and articulating networks
  3. Ensure participation of women in all regions of the world, considering the diversity of segments of women and organizations working in the health agenda of women.


General Information

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$75.00 USD before 25th August.

$100.00 USD between 26th de august and 8  October.


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  1. The XII-EIMS s well be in Hotel Be Live Hamaca Beach, in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

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The International Women and Health Meeting (IWHM) is an international forum for women’s grassroots organizations, academics, and advocates promoting women’s health, sexual and reproductive rights.The 12th meeting organised by Colectiva Mujer y Salud with the support of the International and local organising committees will take place from October 20 to 23, 2015 in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic and will mark the 40 years of the event.

The 1st IWHM held in Rome, Italy in 1974 brought together women from across Europe to discuss abortion rights issues. Since then there have been 11 IWHM, the most recent one in Brussels, Belgium in 2011. The recurring themes of these meetings are: sexual and reproductive rights, abortion, violence against women and planned parenthood. Other issues have also been addresses, such as: women and mental health, racism, poverty, gender, class and ethnicity, women’s health and development, public health and gender, among others.

The 12th meeting will be a space for women and organisations fighting for the rights and status of women to discuss, analyse, share and reflect on strategies to improve the health of women worldwide. The IWHM is based on two fundamental principles: equality as a prerequisite to the full enjoyment of health and distributive justice for women in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

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