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Indulto Guadalupe

WGNRR celebrates the pardon approval for Guadalupe!

January 23, 2015

WGNRR welcomes with great joy the pardon issued by the Salvadoran Congress for “Guadalupe,” one of the 17 women wrongfully imprisoned for homicide after suffering pregnancy-related complications. The pardon was approved by Congress with 43 votes in favour after both the Human Rights Congressional Committee and Supreme Court Committee resubmitted their recommendation for her release.

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Indulto Guadalupe

¡El Congreso de El Salvador concede el indulto a Guadalupe!

January 22, 2015

La Red Mundial de Mujeres por los Derechos Reproductivos celebra con júbilo la decisión del Congreso de El Salvador de aprobar el indulto a Guadalupe, una de las 17 mujeres encarceladas injustamente por homicidio después de haber sufrido complicaciones durante su embarazo. El Congreso aprobó el indulto con un total de 43 votos a favor después de que el Comité de Derechos Humanos del Congreso y la Corte Suprema de Justicia volvieran a presentar sus recomendaciones para que se diera su liberación.

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Convocatoria 16 de diciembre

Release Guadalupe and the rest of Las17!

January 16, 2015

Today El Salvador Parliament is set to vote whether to issue a pardon for Guadalupe, one of the 17 cases of women who were imprisoned for pregnancy complications. El Salvador has one of the most draconian laws when it comes to punishing women on suspicion of abortion, which is banned in all cases even when a woman’s life is in danger. Women who experience obstetric complications are put into prison without a due process and fair trial.

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WGNRR commends the new law in Mozambique expanding access to safe and legal abortion! 

We congratulate the Mozambican SRHR movement for its advocacy, networking, and mobilization efforts related to the new legislation, the National Assembly for approving the bill, and the President for signing it into law. This victory is huge step forward for women not only in Mozambique, but in Africa as a whole, as it embodies a strong commitment to respect, protect, and fulfill women and girls’ sexual and reproductive rights, including their right to health, physical and psychological integrity, and bodily autonomy.

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WGNRR Members in Action

Every month, we feature at least one individual or member organisation to facilitate the sharing of experiences and information among the members.


Taller Salud

December 2, 2014

Feminist grassroots organization Taller Salud is focused on education and prevention in the areas of sexual and reproductive rights in Puerto Rico and celebrated this year its 35th anniversary. Established in 1979 as the first feminist organization in Puerto Rico, it’s main goal was to stop the massive sterilization processes that were performed on women of low income.

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